Stampaggio ad iniezione di grandi, medie e piccole dimensioni

Nello stabilimento Roverplastic di Gavirate il reparto di stampaggio è costituito da una linea produttiva di 18 presse a iniezione. La gamma va da 300 a 1600 tonnellate.

Il reparto stampaggio dello stabilimento di Brunello è costituito da una linea produttiva di 17 presse a iniezione con un tonnellaggio da 50 a 250 tonnellate.

Our machines dispose of Airmoulding technology, bi-component bi-material and overmoulding.

All our departments are assisted by an automated feeding system with dehumidification of raw materials.


We use the following technologies:

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Some pictures of our injection moulding department:

Traditional moulding

High thickness PC and PMMA moulding

Our company has developed many years of experience in the moulding of transparent and colored Polycarbonate and PMMA with thicknesses up to 12 mm.


Starting from the ’90s we started to over-mould tempered glass parts on polypropylene for the household appliance industry and today we have 5 dedicated lines.

Nowadays, we have implemented the technique that allows us to over-mould on different materials and components (aluminum, wood, steel).

Gas-assisted injection

Gas-assisted injection moulding consists of the introduction of an inert gas into the molten mass previously injected into a mould.

The main features and advantages of this technology are:


  • Weight reduction
  • Reduction of moulding time
  • Elimination of shrinkage in the presence of ribs or significant thickness variations
  • Improves dimensional stability of parts

We have a nitrogen generation plant with a purity of 99.9%.


Components to be moulded can be composed of a core of reinforced material and a surface layer that offers good aesthetic characteristics, or items with a high thickness and for which the intended use allows the utilization of regenerated materials for the inner layers.


We have the ability to mould by laminating compatible materials of different typologies and colours. We can also obtain soft-touch surfaces, with the use of specific materials.

Using a mechanical transfer system, the components pass from one figure to another, so as to reduce the complexity of the moulds.

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